Hotel Latvia


This hotel aims to exaggerate its guests’ direct relation to the natural qualities of Jurmula, a narrow strip of development, sandwiched between coastal pine forests. Dynamic rhythms present themselves in forest’s trunks, overlaid with melodic tattoos of light. This musical theme is brought into the hotel where it is expressed as a layering of individually articulated building elements, or notes. Slender timber columns start replacing the trunks outside the hotel envelope, providing a frame for inhabitation. These continue under a unifying roof that bulges and bellows, varying the ‘pitch’ of the function areas, lifting from intimate spaces into grand halls. The columns’ loose grid changes in tempo, becoming denser for spatial definition and structure, the fluid arrangement allowing guests to find their own place.

A lightweight circulation core is extended up the concrete frame of an old tower block, its skin formed from the module of the columns below, but creating a surface like a piano roll, playing a melody in light as guests move up the building. The corridors are acoustically treated to deaden the sound, creating aural voids within the building, exaggerating the sound elsewhere. These lead to rooms, which continue the play on the harmonics of light. Turned north to maximise views to the coast, their south faces are crafted slotted screens with two layers that are variably offset so that as the low northern sun tracks around the building they open and close to its rays casting a constantly developing rhythmic spectrogram of light across the far walls.

Location: Latvia

Client name: Hotel Leisma  

Status: Design