New Dwelling Devon


Surrounded by thick hedge growth and fruit trees, this site has the sense of a walled garden, one where a descending gradient also allows occupants to peer over one edge, to sweeping views. To retain this natural character and beauty, the new house avoids becoming a villa ‘in’ the site, but is considered a part of the largest hedgerow.

The home swells along its length to define rooms, each focusing on the view, while abstracting the form of the hedgerow. Its materiality furthers the hedge-like character. On some faces slatted timber battens are layered both vertically and diagonally battens, providing depth and branch like patterns shifting shadow. On others large standard soft wood boards are overlapped, between vertical dividers, with alternative boards set to protrude, forming an abstraction of foliage. Within, living, cooking and dining spaces are partly subdivided around a fully glazed external terrace that brings the landscape and the expansive views right into the core. 

Location: Exeter

Client name: Private

Status: Planning