Studio School Devon


Situated within the campus of the University of St. Mark and St. John, this studio school harnesses the university's sports specialism and facilities to develop a mutually beneficial vocational approach supporting future athletes. The studio is made up of three long, parallel blocks,within a tight site. The principal teaching, spaces are housed within two perimeter blocks. These define a more fluid central volume, which has slipped slightly to distinguished the entrance at one end and shelter the threshold to external space at the far end. Formed of two large spaces interconnected over two storeys, giving a grand sense of scale to a relatively small school. They provide informal dining, study, assembly and social space rising up to physical training spaces, whilst providing circulation to the building and minimising the need for corridors. The facade have been designed to optimise natural light and ventilation, their simple layout broken into shifting pixelated patterns, while the red sports hall provides a strong identity. 


Location: Plymouth

Client name: Kier Western and Wales

Status: On site 2016

Final budget: £4,300,000

Photographer: Alex Campbell