Guesthouse Devon


This new building will be a rural guesthouse, completing the latest stage of the River Cottage diversification of Park Farm, supporting the cookery school and further defining the listed farmyard. Offset into two blocks, it is designed to have the least possible impact and appropriate the accumulative language of the existing buildings. A low turf roofed stone building abuts a CLT, cross-laminated timber,  two-storey construction with sculpted roof form that folds down to respect to the existing buildings and a ridge point defined by a cart shed beyond, housing the plant. The shift between the two blocks sets up the entrance and circulation. The farmyard elevation has a covered veranda mirroring that of the cookery school, allowing a buffer for the rooms and enlivening the yard. The rooms above at first floor take advantage of the far-reaching views, with slatted shutters to provide privacy, shade from the afternoon sun, and animate the facade.

Location: Park Farm, Devon

Client name: River Cottage Limited

Status: construction 2016

Final budget: £670,000